Do Nootropics Work?

It seems that the most widely-asked question about nootropics these days, on the internet and in real life, is, “Do they work?”. If you are looking for the simplest answer to this question, then the answer is a definitive yes, they do work. However, there are a number of things that determine the effectiveness and performance of nootropic supplements. We will provide you with more information about them here and across this site.

It is important to know that nootropics work with your brain’s chemistry to make it function more optimally. There are a number of effects provided by these smart drugs that are seen to increase the mental functioning of the brain. Several mechanisms have been identified in the use of them that prove nootropics boost brainpower.


Positive Effects of Nootropics

The following are the positive effects of using nootropics that have been proven through research and usage:

  • Improved working productivity and capacity of your brain
  • Increased overall memory
  • Increased concentration and attention span
  • Mood elevation
  • Easier stress management


How do they Work?

Nootropics work in a wide variety of ways to enhance the cognitive functioning of your brain and increase mental energy levels. With a number of these products being in use for decades, and the diversity associated with each, it is difficult to determine a single pathway, action, or mechanism to determine how all of these supplements work. However, broadly speaking, we can say that they work by increasing the production and enhancing the performance of the various neurotransmitters that are present within the brain.

According to Prof. Corneliu E. Giurgea, the founder of the nootropic supplement Piracetam. “A nootropic drug is characterized by a direct functional activation of the higher integrative brain mechanisms that enhances cortical vigilance, a telencephalic functional selectivity, and a particular efficiency in restoring deficient higher nervous activity”. Hence, these actions show that these drugs do actually work.


Overall Benefits of Smart Drugs

Depending on the type of nootropic you are taking, you can experience various benefits associated with cognition, memory, and stress, among other general benefits.

Taking nootropics is reported to improve learning capacity, improve memory, attention, motivation, concentration, focus and so much more. As far as cognitive enhancement is concerned, improved recall speed, improved learning capacity, and increased memory are some of the benefits associated with them. There is a significant boost in the physical and mental capabilities users because of the increased blood flow and oxygen and glucose uptake.

There are some supplements that work to have an anti-aging effect and are being used for the for this. These improve the overall health of the brain and protect it from damage that may occur with aging. There are also ones that have been found to reverse the effects on the brain caused by excessive consumption of alcohol. Nootropics are also found to be helpful in people with mental retardation, memory loss and dementia.

Thus, it is feasible to say that these smart drugs do actually work on enhancing the mental capabilities of the brain and enhance concentration span helping users perform better.

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