The Best Nootropics for Sexual Performance

Best Nootropics for Sexual Performance

Many people take nootropics to enhance their cognitive performance, but what about enhancing their sexual performance? The answer is yes! You can gain points in the bedroom by taking nootropics. While nootropics won’t wish away small anatomy or a lack of experience, it can increase some of the biological effects present in the bedroom, making for better sexual sessions.

Viagra (a prescription drug) is not the only player on the block. Nootropics are smarter in that they are more natural substances that work with your brain to give you that improved sexual prowess and performance. There are of course many factors that will influence how great a lovemaking session is and they include:

  • Libido
  • Arousal
  • Sexual Performance
  • Anxiety Levels
  • Skill
  • Inhibition

Skill is probably one of the only factors that smart drugs cannot control, but by using smart drugs and improving your overall performance, more practice might make your skill levels improve, which is what I would call a great side effect. But, nootropics can have effects on your libido, arousal, anxiety and inhibition and overall on your sexual performance.

Low Libido

The first step when it comes to getting it on, is having the libido to want to do so. Many people (mainly women, but definitely some men) have low libidos for a variety of reasons. The psychological reasons for having a low libido can include being too tired, being depressed, thinking you don’t have time to engage in sex, not being attracted to a partner or not having good body confidence. There are also physical reasons for lacking a libido, which include having a hormone inbalance, alcohol use, medications or other drugs. Looking at all of these factors together, you can see how nootropics can help you get your libido back. Nootropics are known to help with many of the factors that depress a libido, which will then have a positive effect on your sex life.

{*copy* Increase your libido, get back your motivation and please yourself and your partner. Nootropics can help!}

Both your brain and your body are responsible for your libido, as was mentioned above. The two main nervous systems in your body are the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous systems. Your sympathetic nervous system controls your arousal while your parasympathetic nervous system controls your orgasms, erections and ejaculation. The neurotransmitters involved in both of these systems include epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine. Dopamine is the main one that helps the brain feel desire and arousal and when these levels are low, it will definitely impact your sex drive, giving you a decreased interest in sex. But, it isn’t as simple as increasing your dopamine levels to improve your sexual performance. Nootropics work together to improve the entire picture.

Nootropics will help by:

  • Giving you increased energy
  • Giving you confidence
  • Increasing desire and arousal
  • Decreasing anxiety
  • Decreasing inhibition

Lack of Motivation

Just getting you in the bedroom is the first step and to do this, nootropics need to increase the desire and arousal levels in your brain, by boosting your dopamine levels with dopaminergic nootropics. The best nootropic for this is called Sulbutiamine, which boosts dopamine neurotransmitter levels and dopamine receptor density in the prefrontal cortex. When this happens, you’ll have feelings of well-being and decreased anxiety, which both promote an increased libido and sex drive.

5-HTP is often prescribed for depression and this nootropic also has the effect of increasing dopamine levels and thus increasing your sex drive. Inositol is also a nootropic that boosts serotonin production, again giving you feelings of overall well-being and reducing your stress. Serotonin is much like dopamine where decreased levels work against your libido and increasing them can get your motors revving again.

Lack of confidence

Many people report that their problems in the bedroom stem from feeling anxious and lacking confidence. This can stem from a number of things, but body image or relationship issues can promote anxiety. As well, if you aren’t very experienced with sexual encounters, you may feel inhibited and not perform as you would with experience. Nootropics can help reduce inhibition and increase confidence while also decreasing anxiety. Aniracetam is a great nootropic for reducing anxiety in general, which helps you get your confidence back in the bedroom. Your mind won’t be wandering to irrational thoughts and instead will focus on the task at hand, literally.

More energy

Many nootropics have the added bonus of giving you increased energy. That energy can help bring up your sex drive, along with the dopamine-promoting nootropics mentioned above. Noopept is a fantastic nootropic supplement that you can take daily for added energy. It has a stimulant-like effect that will let you stay up to engage in sexual relations, but let you sleep restfully afterward. If you need just a boost to get you going after a long day at work, Modafinil is also something you can take once in a while to get you going in the bedroom. Modafinil is not a nootropic you want to rely on regularly, but is fine for sporadic use.

When you feel awake, confident and a feeling of overall well-being, you can be prepared to get in the bedroom and feel good about your performance. You’ll feel better overall afterward and so will your partner. Nootropics have a sort of spiral effect as once you feel good, your sex life is better, which also makes you feel good. While there is no magic pill in the bedroom, nootropics are something you can add to your health-promoting regimen to improve your sexual performance, while you also reap the other benefits of nootropic use in the rest of your daily life.