The Best Nootropics for Memory

They say one of the worst things to lose is your memory and that statement definitely rings true. As you get into your golden years, your memories are what keep you going, but if you don’t have any because of cognitive decline, what do you do? Brain degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease cause distress, confusion and even physical decline to those who are unlucky enough to have them. While there is no cure for these types of diseases, there are ways to prevent cognitive decline and even enhance cognition. Nootropics are not new, but there has been a lot of talk of them after the movie Limitless showed us their potential. While they were used in that movie to give hyper-focus, among other things, nootropics also have a great added benefit of improving memory.

Improving your working memory can have profound effects on your life. Professionally, you’ll be able to understand more of what you are learning, apply it appropriately and being more successful with your work. Socially, your memory is important for remembering those little things about people that make them like you and applying them in those social situations. Of course, emotionally, having memories is something you strive for daily – as they say “it’s all about the memories”.

{*copy* Missed deadlines and misplaced keys will be a thing of the past with memory-boosting nootropics.}

Nootropics improve cognitive function by balancing out the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain, promoting better communication between the brain’s systems and protecting the brain from further damage and trauma. In turn, you’ll find that you have better cognitive function in terms of focus, concentration, mood, stress levels and of course, memory. There are specific nootropics for each of these brain functions, depending on what you want to improve. As the means for this guide, this would be your memory. If you want to improve your memory using nootropics, you need to use the right ones.


Racetams are the primary nootropic supplement that improves memory function. They work by improving brain plasticity, which means that your brain will be better able to make connections (or synapses), which in turn improves your memory’s ability. Not only will you remember more, your retention and recall will go up (how much you remember and can recite after the fact). Racetams, which include Piracetam, Oxiracetam and Pramiracetam work by increasing Acetylcholine uptake. When Acetylcholine levels are low, brain plasticity suffers and not as many connections are made. Each of the mentioned racetams has its own pros and cons, as well as strength. Some are stronger than others, so if you are new to nootropics, you might want to opt for the least strong one, at the least dose. If you don’t find a good response, you can try a stronger racetam or a higher dose.


Racetams aren’t the only nootropics that help with Acetylcholine uptake, in fact there are nootropics that are high in Choline that also help increase those levels. Many people are already Choline deficient, even when they eat the typical Choline-rich foods like eggs or fish, so taking a nootropic that increases these levels is definitely worth doing, not just for your memory, but for other brain systems. A popular memory-increasing nootropic supplement is Alpha GPC. With very low toxicity and virtually no side effects, Alpha GPC is one of the best nootropics for preventing memory loss. Studies have shown that memory formation processes become more efficient with Alpha GPC use. Using it along with a racetam (stacking) has also been recommended for optimal effect.


One of the best side effects of using nootropics for any purpose is that it increases blood and oxygen flow to the brain. In doing so, you are already going to get the better functioning cognitive processes before the nootropic even goes to work. Many nootropics are also neuro-protective, which mean they protect the brain from further degeneration, damage or trauma, which is the main cause of cognitive decline. With cognitive decline comes forgetfulness, brain fog, the inability to focus, depressed mood and decreased energy. While nootropics can’t stop time, they can slow it when it comes to the brain and some even claim to turn time back just a little. One of the best nootropics for its neuro-protective properties is Noopept. Noopept works to strengthen the connections or synapses in the brain, promoting better communication between the systems. This has a sort of cascading effect as more synaptic activity leads to even more synaptic activity. Basically, once the brain starts talking, it keeps talking and talking even more. This means that even when you take a hiatus from your nootropic regime, you’ll still have the lingering effects of Noopept, in a good way. As a bonus, Noopept is also known for increasing energy (where do you think the pep in the name came from?).

Before you start a nootropic regime, you should always speak to your doctor or other healthcare professional. Memory loss can signal something more serious going on in the brain, so it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Once anything serious is ruled out and stress and age are implicated as the main factors in your memory issues, taking a nootropic to prevent further damage and to even reverse it might be a fantastic idea. Your doctor can give you recommendations on brands that are reputable so you know you are getting a quality nootropic supplement. As well, they can help you figure out a dosing schedule appropriate for your age, size and sex. If your doctor isn’t knowledgeable about nootropics, you might want to find a reputable naturopath who will listen to your concerns for living a more natural lifestyle while still addressing your memory issues.