The Best Nootropics for Attention and Focus

Best Nootropics for Attention and Focus

It seems as though kids everywhere are having trouble with attention and focus and being rightly or wrongly diagnosed with disorders like ADHD. These kids have trouble paying attention in class, end up misbehaving and their academics as well as their social relationships suffer. They are labelled as bad children and parents struggle with how to control them. It is no coincidence that the prevalence of technology in kid’s lives has increased at the same time as the number of kids with the diagnosis of ADHD, autism and other behaviour-related ailments is increasing. As well, class sizes have risen, teachers are stressed and the curriculum is way harder than it was in previous years. Expectations are high for children in 2016. What is also increasing then is kids who are prescribed stimulant and non-stimulate prescription drugs for these behavioural problems. These drugs can have some nasty side effects like:

  • Insomnia
  • Appetite suppression
  • Growth suppression
  • Headaches
  • Jitteriness or nervousness
  • Withdrawal symptoms

To top it all off, these drugs don’t always work on every child, so parents have to play a game of trying each different drug for a period of time and hoping for the desired effects of increasing focus and concentration.

Adults have trouble focusing too

Children aren’t the only ones with attention, focus and concentration issues. Adults who are leading frenzied and busy lives also report not being able to keep focus and thus have performance issues in many areas of their lives. They don’t necessarily get diagnosed with ADHD but wonder if they need some sort of drug to improve their cognitive processes.

Many people prefer a natural route to the pharmaceutical route, hoping for something that won’t cause significant side effects or have poor long-term effects and outcomes. Nootropics come into play here. Nootropics are cognitive-enhancing drugs that work with your brain’s chemistry to provide you with the desired effect. Most people know them for their effects on focus, concentration and attention and while these factors can be optimized with the use of nootropics, there are so many other great features of nootropics.

{*copy* Think more clearly, focus and give it your all with nootropics on the job.}

Nootropic Help

The most effective nootropics for focus and attention include Phenylpiracetam, Modafinil, Adrafinil, Alpha GPC, Aniracetam, Noopept and Huperzine. These nootropics can work alone or stacked (taken together) to give you some positive effects on not only your focus, attention and concentration, but also on your motivation, memory, energy and mood.

Nootropics work by optimizing and influencing neurotransmitter activity in the brain and bringing it to optimal levels. While the brain alone isn’t the only factor in reduced focus and concentration, it can definitely have a major impact on how you feel each day in regards to how well you can perform. As I mentioned above, the great use of technology plays a role in our short attention spans, as we move from one screen to another in quick succession, never really having to focus deeply or for long periods of time. This, in turn, affects the communication between the systems in our brain and decrease the neurotransmitter activity, thus making us less focused and unaware. On top of this, distractions from technology and other stimulants in our environment make it almost impossible to concentrate on something that is mundane but that needs to be done.

Ways to use nootropics

There are two ways to boost your concentration and focus using nootropics. First, you may want a daily supplement that increases your attention on a regular basis. Second, you may want a nootropic that will give you a big boost before something really important that you need to do (a test or presentation). There are different nootropics out there for each situation.

Enhancing concentration on a regular basis can be done with nootropic supplements like Piracetam, Centrophenoxine or Alpha GPC. These supplements increase Acetylcholine levels in the brain and encourage new pathways to be made, which subsequently increases your focus and attention. All of these can be taken alone or can be stacked into one nootropic capsule. Each of these nootropics has its own benefits, but taking them alone might not give you enough of the desired effect. You can choose to make your own or buy a pre-formulated nootropic stack.

If you are finding that these nootropic supplements aren’t giving you enough and you still can’t keep focus regularly, you might want to switch out one of them for Noopept. Noopept stimulates the glutamate receptors, which aid in the ability to focus.

Getting a boost from nootropics

If today is a very important day and you need to have your thinking hat on, you might want to try one of the more potent nootropics on the market. Getting a big boost before a test or important event like a job interview or even a first date can drastically improve your performance. Modafinil is known for many things and increasing focus is definitely one of its perks. This stimulant nootropic improves motivation and can decrease the brain fog you might have after a long night of studying or no sleep (because of anxiousness about the big event). Modafinil is definitely a short-term solution as long-term use does have some side effects that aren’t pleasant. But, it can be a big help in keeping you awake, aware and focused on the important task at hand today.

Other nootropics similar to Modafinil include Adrafinil and Phenylpiracetam. These again can cause some side effects and something known as down regulation, which makes the brain even more worse for wear. As always, see your doctor to get knowledge about correct dosages and usage times. Buying from a reputable supplier is also paramount so you know what you are getting is of good quality and is actually the dosage it says on the bottle.

Improving your focus, attention and concentration can affect many areas of life without you even knowing it and these include improving your relationships (because you listen more attentively) and improving your job performance (you can get more done and get it done right!).