Party Recovery using Nootropics

Partying hard is a goal that many young people aspire to, but it can have some serious consequences on your body. Anyone who’s had a hangover can attest to the nausea, headache, exhaustion and brain fogginess that comes with drinking too much, dabbling with substances and not getting any sleep. Hangovers can ruin the rest of your weekend, summoning you to the porcelain gods while you lay on the floor wishing you were dead. A good night out can do this to even the fittest of individuals.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way as there are some solutions to the day after pains that come with a really good party. Nootropics are not only useful for improving cognitive function – they can assist you with party recovery as well.

Damage to your body

Let’s start with what a good night out does to a person’s body. Basically you are:

  • Exhausted
  • Dehydrated
  • Lacking vitamins and minerals
  • Damaging brain cells
  • Damaging your liver

When you are partying you are becoming sleep deprived because 1) you didn’t get to sleep at a good time 2) you don’t sleep long enough 3) your sleep is not good quality sleep because of the drug and alcohol intake.

If you were dancing or at a concert or festival, you stood on your feet for long periods of time, moving much of that time, which takes quite a toll on our body as well, as it probably didn’t get proper rest (some periods of sitting).

Substance use and alcohol can be dehydrating on the body and usually when we are taking these substances we aren’t drinking water or other replenishing drinks. We may also not be eating well, so our internal organs are suffering, not just with trying to detox the drug or alcohol out of the body, but also with the fact that nothing good is getting in there either. You lose important minerals and kill a few brain cells in the process, which leads to your feelings of nausea, vomiting, headache and general malaise.

{*copy* Tired, nauseated and feeling sluggish after that epic party last night? Nootropics can help you recover and feel better!}

Party Recovery

In order to recover you need to:

  • Get energy
  • Replenish your body’s vitamin and mineral sources
  • Appease your brain cells
  • Detox your liver

You can’t do this on your own – you need help – and nootropics can be the help you need for your party recovery. Nootropics won’t be a cure for hard-core everyday beatings of your body by partying, but it can help you with the occasional party binge.

Using Nootropics for Party Recovery

In order to get out of bed, you need some energy. Many people grab a cup of java, but taking caffeine along with L-theanine can be the help you need to get some bounce back in your step. The two need to work together to change the receptors in the brain to tell you have more energy and more focus. Another nootropic supplement that will help with the lack of energy is creatine. It delivers energy to the muscles and brain and you can use it regularly to help with this (not just after an epic party). If you’ve had a rough night and need to get up for work (or for another party), pop some Rhodiola Rosea, as it will give you a stimulant-like boost, but from a natural source. A last resource is the nootropic Modafinil, which will give you a very large boost, but advice for a health-care professional might be needed before using this nootropic.

Your feelings of sluggishness, dry mouth and that face you see in the mirror are all caused by losing your body’s much-needed minerals and vitamins. If you wake up craving something greasy, that’s your body’s way of saying give me something good now! Feed your body with nootropics like Choline. Most people are already choline-deficient, so giving your brain this important nootropic is a wise choice, especially after a hard-partying session. Alpha GPC is a great source of Choline, but to increase its effect, it should be taken with a Racetam. Other more well-known nootropics for restocking your minerals are magnesium, zinc and B vitamins. All of these get depleted from the body after alcohol intake, so it is wise to get it back into your body using either food or nootropic sources.

It is pretty well-known that alcohol and drugs kill brain cells. After some insane parties, you can almost feel like you know which ones have died off. But, you can rescue your brain from the damage you caused it by becoming obliviously drunk or stoned. Taking neuroprotective nootropics is your best bet and these can even be taken regularly if needed.  Piracetam is one of the oldest nootropics out there and is seen as an important cognitive enhancer. In studies it has even been shown that piracetam decreased the toxic levels of alcohol and drugs in mice and rats. Those hard-partying rodents mitigated the damage done to their brains by using Piracetam. If you are a chronic alcohol user (and I don’t suggest that should be), Piracetam can help prevent withdrawal symptoms and lessen neuronal loss. Again, talking to your health-care professional is advised.

Now, the liver – one of the hardest working organs in a partier’s body. Your liver will tell you when it isn’t happy and you want to treat it right, considering you only have one and liver failure is no joke. Improving liver health is possible with nootropic supplements like milk thistle.  This liver-mending nootropic is for use after the party and not to be used as a preventative.

You can have your cake and eat it too, or as I like to say, have your party and your nootropic too. Nootropics can be generally helpful in party recovery, when you use the right ones and the right doses. See your doctor or naturopath for more information.