Nootropics for Beginners

Nootropics for Beginners

It isn’t uncommon for those who are new to these supplements to wonder which nootropic they should use. It’s a question that’s frequently asked and, more often than not, the recommendation is that beginners start with something basic. An essential racetam nootropic is most often part of that advice, and it typically involves either noopept or piracetam. It’s may be a good idea for you to try taking one or the other first by itself. It doesn’t matter which—that’s your personal preference.

Nootropics Defined

The word nootropic is mainly defined as either a cognitive enhancer or smart drug. They are designed to be supplements for the brain with the intention of improving its ability to concentrate, the level of cognition function, motivation levels, and memory recall. A particular group of nootropics referred to as racetams, of which consists the most popular of all called piracetam, became increasingly more popular in the mid-2000’s as study aids for students. Usage has spread beyond that of student communities, though, since the media blitz.

Some Basics Before Getting Started

  • Nootropics are safe and non-addictive if you continue taking the recommended dosages.
  • When you research, you’ll generally find the powder costs less.
  • It’s critical to use a milligram scale to measure powders and not guess your dosage.
  • Before beginning this nootropic or any other type of supplement, discuss your plans with your doctor first.
  • Start with the lowest dosage recommendation and then work your way up to what is optimal for your body.

Understanding Nootropic Dosages

How to pick the correct dosage is going to change from person to person based on their body’s chemistry. Therefore, the best thing for you to do is begin with the smallest recommended dosages and then gradually increasing. If you’re using a powder with a scale, do not guess how much product because it’s important to measure how much of the nootropic you’re receiving.

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Remember that even though nootropics are still relatively new to consumers as part of routine use, many of the substances that are part of the group’s definition have been around for thousands of years. For example, Gingko has been around for thousands of years in China and utilized to enhance memory. Another example is Omega-3, which has been a part of a human’s dietary routine since the beginning of time, and numerous scientific studies prove its cognitive benefits.

The History of Nootropics

We can estimate that nootropics have been around for thousands of years if we consider fish oil, as well as other vitamins and herbs as part of the group. When we take into consideration the first time the word nootropic was used, though, it was by a Romanian chemist and psychologist by the name of Corneliu E. Giugea in 1972. It was his belief that a nootropic should:

  • enhance an individual’s ability to learn and their capabilities to for memory storage
  • provide strength to the mind so it can prevent disruptions including hypoxia and ECT
  • allow protection to the brain against physical and chemical injuries
  • there should be no side effects including impairment to motor functions, as well as sedation
  • the nootropic should not be high in toxicity

Understanding Headaches from Racetams

Headaches are one of the most common issues with taking racetams. However, users of racetams can easily solve this problem when they take a low dosage of choline in conjunction with the racetam. The main reason the headache occurs is that racetams use more choline in the brain and, when that happens, a headache will naturally occur.

Eating foods that contain natural levels of choline, such as eggs, for example, helps relieve headache symptoms. Using a choline supplement is another alternative. The most popular supplements are Choline Citrate and Choline Bitartrate.

The primary neurotransmitter for what the brain needs for processing information is acetylcholine, which choline is the precursor for. When we use racetams, we’re speeding up the usage of them. It isn’t required, but it could be helpful also to take a supplement for acetylcholine every few days as a means of replenishing the brain levels.

Another option to consider for the easement of headaches is Omega-3 fish oil. The usage of this has helped a percentage of racetam users, but large doses of the fish oil are necessary. While this is still an anecdotal remedy, it’s something to take into consideration for those suffering from adverse reactions to this nootropic.

In Summary

Those interested in taking a nootropic should first understand that there are many from which to choose. The ones that are in the highest profile are referred to as racetams. It should also be noted that any supplement or substance that will aid your cognition, concentration, and memory could also be considered a nootropic. These products are often part of groups we’re already familiar with including Omego-3 fish oil, as well as vitamins. No matter if you’re looking for better memory recall or the ability to learn better, or improvements to both, it could be worth your consideration to try nootropics.

While all nootropics will deliver some benefits, you’ll receive additional benefits if you stack your nootropics. The addition of one or more nootropic to your routine will help you achieve additional goals. Also, it’s important that you cycle your nootropic routine, so you don’t become tolerant. In doing so, you’re also preventing any harmful build-up from occurring in your body.

Before purchasing any nootropic, be sure to research the source thoroughly. You want to ensure you’re buying from a reputable retailer or distributor. Look for things like what kind of quality testing the company uses, and if they post their quality assurance certificate on their website. Also, look for the highest level of purity possible. That way you know you’re ingesting the highest possible quality products and have the least likely chance of experiencing inadvertent side effects. These steps will help ensure you’re receiving the best benefits from your nootropic.