How to Stack Nootropics

Stacking Nootropics – the why & the how

With the ever-expanding hype and knowledge on Nootropics you can find an almost endless variety of stacking combinations to pretty much fit any cognitive enhancement regime possible. However, the art of stacking supplements is not a common phenomenon in the fitness world.

The benefit to stacking one Nootropic with another, serves to enhance the benefits from each cognitive supplement as they compliment each other.  With Nootropics having a potential wide range of benefits including but not limited to focus, concentration, attention, motivation, decreased anxiety and stress, reasoning, cognitive processing speed, increased memory, verbal fluidity and learning, it is easy to see how complimenting one Nootropic with another can facilitate you in receiving a multitude of progressive changes in your mental clarity and cognitive functioning.

In order to truly know whether or not your Nootropics are working for you to the best of their ability you should make note of the effects (positive and negative) you experience from day one. Keep a journal or jot a note on your calendar about what you feel and experience on the days you use your Nootropics. If you are already keeping a log of your workouts, incorporate this information. As time goes on you choose what to tweak and what should stay the same. Remember to always follow the dosage recommendations and follow a calculated schedule of cycling off on a regular basis. As with any supplement building up a tolerance or attachment can eventually deter you from reaching your initial goals and reasons for introducing Nootropics in the first place. Ultimately your objective should be to use them on an as needed basis not a daily basis.

Nootropics are not a cure all for poor lifestyle choices. When introducing nootropics your number one priority should be to use them in conjunction with a regular exercise routine, proper diet and good sleep patterns. They will aid you in achieving your goals and hopefully gain a new perspective on establishing new goals.


Stacks for Beginners to Consider and Why

Regardless of which way you decide to stack, there are three components you should consider including for maximum effectiveness:

  1. Racetams or Noopept
  2. A Choline Supplement
  3. Natural Nootropic Supplements (optional)

The following are suggestions only, the best and true way to discover the best stack for you is to research each individual Nootropic and decide what enhancements you think will benefit you the most.


  1. Caffeine & L-Theanine

Caffeine you may be surprised to see caffeine on this list as technically it is not a Nootropic by itself, but because it is recognized as improving mental performance and brain functioning due its effect on stimulating the central nervous system, as well as temporarily increase alertness it is considered to be a part of a stack when paired with a Nootropics such as L-theanine. It is also one that people feel comfortable using at the beginning because chances are one already knows how caffeine effects them seeing as it is already incorporated into to many main stream diets.

L-theanine serves to enhance the positives from caffeine wile negating many of the negative side effects caffeine intake has. It is derived from Green Tea as an amino acid.

The advantages of using L-theanine with caffeine include: improved focus and/or attention, increased motivation, heightened positive moods, improved relaxation, a reduced heart-rate, reduced blood pressure, and a decrease in nervousness.

This stack is considered the go to stack for newbies and basically anyone who is looking for a reliable and familiar enhancement with stimulant properties.

Best for: Enhanced reasoning and focus

Note: when taking a caffeine supplement you should consider all the sources for caffeine in your diet, for example: coffee, tea, energy drinks, carbonated beverages.


  1. Piracetam & Choline
  • Piracetam is a racetam category of Nootropics. It is believed to support memory, increase perception and alertness, and improve concentration while also decreasing mental fatigue.

Choline is known to be an essential for brain function and is believed to stabilize cell membranes and subsequently diminish free radicals. It is directly connected to the detoxification of your brain and acts as an anti-aging neurotransmitter. It is also believed to diminish headaches that some users of Piracetam report as a side effect of its use.

Best for: Enhanced reasoning and increased memory


  1. Aniracetam and Alpha GPC

Aniracetam is widely known to improve mood linked with an anti-anxiety effect, this is great for those who suffer from nervousness or social anxiety. It is also known to improve verbal fluency, which only works to enhance the anti-anxiety properties. In addition to the positive decreased anxiety improvements it also has the potential to increase your long-term memory and heighten creativity.

Alpha GPC benefits also include improved memory coupled with enhanced learning, increased concentration, focus, clarity and amplified awareness.

Best for: Enhanced memory, mood boosting while decreasing anxiety


  1. Pre-Formulated Stacks

Otherwise if you don’t feel comfortable experimenting with different dosages on your own, you can purchase a pre-formulated Nootropic stack, like AlphaBrain from Onnit.

Best for: Enhanced memory, focus, and processing speed.

Remember that Nootropics are to be used in combination with a healthy lifestyle. In order to fully benefit from what Nootropics can offer, it critical that you follow a healthy diet, take care of your physical well being through exercise and always make sure you get lots of quality sleep. After all it is unrealistic to think that you can introduce a supplement that will do all the work for you.

And finally, one should always consult with their doctor or pharmacist before introducing Nootropics, especially if you are already a prescription drug of any kind. Consumers should be educated and aware of possible drug interactions.