How To Make Your Own Nootropic Capsules

If you’re already using nootropics or are interested in starting to do so, but want to find a cheaper alternative to what you are seeing on the shelves, you can actually make your own nootropic pills and capsules. It is way easier than you think – it just takes this guide and a little bit of research to find the right combination of nootropic blends for your purpose.

You can use this guide to make capsules of just your one nootropic ingredient, or to create a nootropic stack, which is a blend of two or more nootropics in one capsule. When making your nootropic pills, you’ll want to do thorough research on recipes and dosage amounts. An easy way to do this is to mimic a reputable brand’s pre-formulated nootropic. This works especially well if you’ve tried their stuff and you’ve had good results. Instead of paying premium prices for what you already know works, you can put on your DIY hat and make the capsules yourself for a less-than-premium cost.

Another benefit to making your own nootropic pill or nootropic stack is that you can experiment with dosages and mixes to best suit your needs. If the brand you likes comes in a 250mg and a 500mg done and the smaller of the two isn’t enough and the larger of the two is too much, you can tailor your capsule to the dose that works best for you.

You’ll want to start by buying your necessary ingredients and these include:

  • A capping machine
  • Empty gelatin capsules
  • Milligram scale
  • Nootropic supplement powders
  • Fillers

There are many variations of capsule machines and the easiest spot to get one would be Amazon, where they sell for a range of prices, but you can get one for less than $30. You’ll want to read the description and reviews to see if it is the right machine for you and that will all depend on how often you want to use it and what features you’ll need. While you are ordering your machine, you may as well order your empty gelatin capsules and how many you need will also depend on how often you’ll make nootropic pills and how many you’ll take.

{*copy* You can make your own nootropic capsules! Read on and we’ll tell you how!}

Milligram Scale

Because the measurements of your nootropics are so low, you’ll need a scale that weighs in milligrams, and again this something you can purchase from Amazon. You’ll also be able to get one of these for less than $30 and you probably don’t need a ton of bells and whistles, so ordering the least expensive one may be fine if the reviews are good, as you do want as little as 1mg accuracy.


You want your capsule to be full, so once you’ve added your nootropic powder, you’ll want to add a little filler for the space the nootropics don’t fill. The reason for this is so that you’ll get accurate doses in every capsule. With a pre-mixed and measured blend, you know that you’ll be getting the right amount of everything in each full capsule. Filler also doesn’t necessarily need to have the negative connotations you are thinking about. It can be used to boost your nootropic stack as well. For example, glutamine can be used as a safe filler, and when used with certain nootropics can actually act as a precursor and promote the nootropic’s effects.

Other great fillers include creatine, which helps decrease brain fog, cinnamon, which has a protecting effect on the brain and citric acid, which decreases fatigue. Whey protein, which many people use in smoothies, can also be added, with the same benefits you’d get from your post-workout shake! Vitamin C is another alternative filler, but check your dosage on this one as it can cause some digestion issues.

You don’t necessarily need to have a filler if you can get smaller capsules or make larger batches. Some people want only pure products of the nootropic they are blending, but that is all up to your discretion.

If you don’t care about the added benefits and just want a general filler, baking soda, corn starch or flour will also work, but you’ll want to do your research on these as some people find disadvantages to each.

Making your Capsules

Once you’ve done your research and know the amounts of nootropic supplements and filler you want to use in your nootropic capsules, you can start to mix the ingredients. Using a mortar and pestle, mix in the powder with the lowest dosage, along with the same dose of one of your larger dosage powders. This means you’ll have an equal dosage of each powder and you’ll blend them together for a few minutes. Next, add an equal amount (of the total of the two combined powders) of another powder and mix that together with the first blend. Repeat this step until you’ve blended all of your powders together. You might want to figure out the math beforehand so you can do equal mixes of the powder. This mixture will also include your filler and be ready to be stuffed into the capsules.

Using the Capsule Machine

You’ll want to follow the exact instructions on your capsule machine, but basically you’ll load your empty capsules into the machine, with the larger part of the capsule to be filled. You’ll then pour your nootropic mixture into them, scraping any remaining powder into the capsules. Putting the machine on to a plate also ensures that you catch any spillage. Next, place the lid on the capsule machine, where the smaller half of your capsules are loaded, pressing down hard to ensure the capsules join together. Release your capsules from the machine and you’ll have your first homemade nootropic pills!